Couple Romantic Shots

Once the formal “mantlepiece” shots are done, it’s time to find a quiet corner away from the distractions of the guests for the couple romantic shots with just the couple and me, the wedding photographer. These types of shots depend completely on the couple and aren’t for everybody and can be skipped, and depends on whether the couple would like shots of a more romantic nature to add to their collection. If the couple don’t mind a bit of direction, I will ask provide a little direction to ensure the most flattering photos of the couple. I call this the “fusion” style – I may for example, ask the couple to stand in the best light, or with the best background, but won’t control to the extreme. The idea is to get a fairly natural looking photo without being too staged, and to give the couple opportunity to put their ideas and input or whatever feels natural to them.

Coverage: 4 hours+

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